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First time Mothers

Most Free Books

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Most First Library® Program

First Library is so much more than a free book program. We're an incentive and reward program too.

Beyond the daily reading, book and monthly library visits, low-income first time parents can also participate in First Library's Most First Library program. 

Most First Library®  offers first time mothers in need the monthly First Library book program (or other approved free book programs) plus new additional books, educational toys and clothing during their child's first three years of life with increased participation.

Points earned through various free reading related activities such as library activities, reading surveys and parent questionnaires can be used to shop for new books plus educational toys and clothing at the Most First Library® Shop.

BONUS: First time mothers receive gifts for continued participation.

Please register below to participate in this additional program. 

Note: A referral form from a participating service agency must also be submitted for acceptance into the Most First Library program. Participation in the First Library or another approved nonprofit free monthly book program is mandatory for acceptance into the Most FirstLibrary program.

Enjoy reading, and playing and dressing, with your child!

EFFECTIVE 03/01/2020


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