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First Library® is a three year program that offers expectant and new single first time mothers in need (newborn to age one children only) educational support, new educational toys, supplies, children's clothing, and gifts from local businesses and professionals for their child while strengthening their community connections.*


Mothers are encouraged to read to their child daily and are required to visit their local library monthly and perform various free reading related activities to participate in the program.


All items are brand new, age-appropriate and are available online with participation.


BONUS: First time mothers receive gifts for continued participation.


It is our hope at First Library to give single first time mothers and their children a love of reading, family reading time, and a respect and appreciation for literature and libraries.


*Participation in a free monthly book program/social service program or referral from a social service agency/medical caregiver is mandatory for participation in the First Library program. 

Daily Reading

Monthly Library Visits

Library Activities 

Educational Support

New Educational Toys

New Clothing

New Supplies

Local Businesses Gifts

Reading Surveys


Parental Support

Community Connection 


Help kids take a break from tech for two hours on Tuesdays (and more) and turn on reading while bringing the First Library program to single first time mothers in need in your community.

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