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Text to Give 

Text your zip code to 443-21 and pledge to turn off tech for two hours on Tuesdays (and more).*

Young children spend over 2 hours a day on mobile screens (tablets, cell phones, etc.)* yet 1 in 4 children grow up without learning how to read.**

Plus, 61% percent of children from low income neighborhoods have no age-appropriate books in their homes. 

And children from middle class homes only have 13 books.***

Pledge to turn off tech for two hours on Tuesdays (and more) and help give new essential baby items  to a local preschoolers in need.


*Text your zip code (or 00001) to 443-21 and pledge to turn off tech 4 one, two, three or more days a week!

Donations benefit preschoolers in your town with the gift of free educational toys and clothing quarterly.

All donations are processed via the secure nonprofit “Text to Give” smartphone platform Give Lively and are 100% tax deductible.

*If your zip code is not registered, text 00001 and enter it in the "❤ Dedicate this Gift" section instead.

*, Blog, Kids' Screen Time Shifts Dramatically Toward Phones and Tablets 10/18/2017
**WriteExpressCorporation. “Literacy Statistics” Begin to Read.
***Reach Out and Read, Across the Nation, A  Chartbook, 2007.

Work to bring the First Library program to your town through TOT4TOT.

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