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Mother meetings and The First Library Shop are now online.


Daily Reading, Monthly Library Visits & New Baby Items Quarterly for 

New Single First Time Mothers In Need

Fill your first child’s life with books from your local library & new essential baby items and gifts from First Library and local businesses and professionals.


First Library® is an early childhood literacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes daily reading and monthly library patronage for expectant and new single first time mothers in need (newborn to age one children) by offering educational support, new educational toys, supplies, children’s clothing, and local business gifts until their child’s third birthday.*

Mothers are asked to read to their child daily and are required to visit their local library monthly and perform various free reading related activities to participate in our three year program.

The first 3 years of a child’s life offer parents an amazing opportunity to shape their child’s growth and form healthy habits. 

First Library's mission is to promote early childhood literacy for preschool children through daily reading, monthly library patronage and educational support plus we help children develop other healthy habits.  


All expectant and new first time mothers (regardless of their marital status) are eligible to receive a new baby welcome gift package and complimentary gifts (and discount coupons) from local companies through our affiliate program, First Impressions.

Our vision, at First Library, is to not only give every newborn child a foundation for a lifetime love of reading and library patronage, but to actively engage their parents in the process.

"I thought if reading could bring so much happiness, joy and comfort to just one child, how much could it bring to multiple children?

It was then that I decided to create First Library®."

Catherine Tinger Goldberg 


First Library was the first and one-time largest affiliate of the Free Book Gifting program in New Jersey for over ten years and served sixteen counties during its tenure as its affiliate.

First Library previously offered this program as part of its overall program and is now independent of it.

*Some exclusions apply. Not available in all areas. Please email to be placed on our waitlist of new coverage areas.


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First Library® is a 501(c)(3) charity. 


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First Library is a registered trademark symbol of First Library, A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation 

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